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Surprisingly pleasant things you get from anger

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1.    You can use anger as a motivating force by turning it into positive energy.  OMGKAV3004-12.    When you use anger constructively it can benefit your health. Anger helps heart patients who have an issue of hostility. OMGKAV3004-23.    While dealing with an angry person, people often think of acting patiently, cautiously and are afraid of making them upset. They generally go by the viewpoint of an angry person. Thus, anger can help you out in negotiations.OMGKAV3004-34.    Anger can help you in your career. If you have a goal it is must that you should have a fire inside you to achieve and fight for it. Anger drives you crazy and if you use your anger in a constructive manner, you start working day night in anger in the direction of your goal.Secretary fired5.    Anger increases creativity because when you are angry your mind starts working in a different manner and not like the way it works when you are calm. It takes you in the directions in which you can never go when you are calm.A 25107 6.    This is reality that the angry people are honest. They say what they feel and if ever they are accused of something they haven’t done, they won’t give up. Anger somewhere gives you the ability to take your stand even in the times nobody else is with you.OMGKAV3004-67.    If we allow, anger is something that can provide insight into our inner selves. The only thing we need to do is identify the time we get angry and can learn the way to deal with it, thus improve our lives.  OMGKAV3004-7

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