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Thoughts a guy has when his ex gets married

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Guys often decide to break up very soon and then regret it lifelong. Here are some of the thoughts that guys have when their ex gets married:OMGKAV3006-11.    He wonders does his ex really love the guy she is marrying or is still in love with him only.
2.    Mostly a guy feels bad when his ex gets married, thinking about all those happy times he has spent with her. The times they used to hangout, the moment they kissed for the first time and all those memories make the guy fall weak on the day of her marriage.
3.    First they get hurt, but then they tell themselves that maybe they have someone better destined in their life.
4.    He thinks that if ‘ego’ hadn’t come in between them, things would have been different. He would have been marrying her.
5.    What all that pains the guy most is ‘what if’. Even after his ex gets married, he is like if ever the guy marrying to her hurt her, he will not leave him.
6.    Some guys are materialistic and start thinking of all that money they had spent on their ex.
7.    He finally decides to move on and put all the stuff related to her in the dustbin or set them afire. He decides to live as he had never met any girl like her in his life.

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