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Types of friends you are better off without

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Friends are important in life, but they are not all. There are some friends whom we can call toxic friends as they are there only when they have to fulfill their selfish motives.  Here are the types of friends you are better off without:
1.    Strict Critiques, fault finders: If your friend is a strict critique and keeps on finding faults in you then you must avoid him/her. Such a friend can prove contagious for you and can create a negative aura around you.OMGKAV3009-12.    Over friendly friend: Some friends are in a habit of interfering too much in your lives. They want to know everything about you, your life. They don’t give you even a little space that everybody deserves. You must avoid such friends.OMGKAV3009-23.    Self-addict friend: Some friends are so self obsessed that they keep on talking about them and don’t give you even a single chance to talk or share something. What is the fun of such a friendship wherein you can’t say a single word?OMGKAV3009-34.    The diet addict: If you have a friend who keeps on pointing out the fatty ingredients of stuff and all that he talks about is different kinds of diets, then you should look for other friends.  OMGKAV3009-45.    Gossiper: If you have a friend who is in a habit of bitching about people around, no matter how close he/she calls them to those people you should avoid them. If such people can bitch about others, how can you be sure that they don’t bitch about you at your back?OMGKAV3009-56.    Husband complainer: Some girls have a habit of cribbing about their family issues. The moment they meet you, their tap of tears and complaints against husband starts. Such girls say that they love their husbands but are always seen crying and complaining about their husband.       OMGKAV3009-6

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