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World’s most brutal women serial killers

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A killer is a killer no matter how old he is, male or female or belongs to which religion. World has a lot of brutal serial killers. Here are some of world’s most brutal women serial killers:
1.    Myra Hindley: She committed kinds of crimes known as ‘Moor Murder’ along with her boyfriend Ian Brady. Both of them in a team assaulted 5 children between the age group of 10-17 years and murdered them. She was soon turned by her brother in law and during the trial was dubbed as Britain’s most evil woman.OMGKAV2903-12.    Gertrude Baniszewski: This beautiful poor lady did something nobody can ever think off. She turned children into weapons. She had eight children in her house and almost double used to move in and out of her house. She used children to torture her victims. She holds a wicked place in the list of most brutal woman serial killers.OMGKAV2903-23.    Vera Renczi- This wealthy pretty woman was well known for affairs with older men since age 15. She got married many times, used to date married men and had many boyfriends, but nobody of those she dated showed up again. Later, it was found that she used to kill them and police found 32 decomposed male bodies in her wine cellar. OMGKAV2903-3
4.    Jeanne Weber: This woman had three kids and two of them died in 1905. The same year, Weber killed three children by strangulation. The victims were her only left child and two nieces. This lady was accused for eight murders and was one of the most brutal woman serial killers.OMGKAV2903-45.    Magdalena Solis: She was a Mexican serial killer and cult woman. She was into prostitution and is one of woman killers with quite apparent sexual motivations desires.      OMGKAV2903-5

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