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7 exciting things you can do once you are 18

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There are a lot of things that you can’t do until you get 18, but once you are 18 you are free to lead your life in your own way. Here are some of these exciting things:1.    If you are a girl of 18 years then it is legal for you to get married. You can tie a knot with the love of your life.
2.    Once you are 18, you are eligible to vote and can act as an active member of the society. You can go through the policies, politics of your nation and can give vote to the leader of your choice.
3.    When you get 18 years old you can work, get a job and earn money. Before that age is considered illegal and is considered as child labor.
4.    You can serve the humanity, help the needy by donating blood after the age of 18.
5.    You need to act as an adult when 18 as you are no longer excused for the mistakes and can be punished and sent to serve in the adult jail if you commit anything wrong.
6.    You can drive your car when you get 18 years old as you get eligible for the driving license.
7.    After the age of 18, you can drink alcohol. But, always remember drunken driving is a crime, so avoid it no matter how old or how expert driver you are.

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