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7 Most extremely Bizarre Phobias

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Most people have phobias. Some are afraid of water while others are afraid of fire. Different people have different phobias. Here are some of the most extremely bizarre phobias:
1.    Pentheraphobia- This is the fear of mother-in-laws. You can especially find in India a lot of people suffering from this phobia. If you have this phobia then an unknown fear of your mother-in-law troubles you. You are afraid of facing them. OMGKAV2909-12.    Philophobia- This is the fear of falling in love or being in love.  A lot of people suffer from this. They are afraid of falling in love because they believe that with love you become vulnerable to pain, endless pain. OMGKAV2909-23.    Ergophobia- It is the fear of work. Some people suffer from this phobia. They think that they will get so much work that their mind will stop working and they might perform badly.OMGKAV2909-34.    Agyrophobia- This is the fear of crossing the streets. You must have seen people thinking a lot of times before crossing a road, and at times they freeze in the middle of the road, numb.OMGKAV2909-4
5.    Eisoptrophobia- This phobia is the fear of mirrors. Some people imagine things behind them the moment they look into a mirror, whereas others fear that the mirror might fall or break and can prove a bad omen for them.

LV1F9083.CR26.    Cathisophobia- It is all about psychological fear and this phobia is the fear of sitting. Many people are afraid of sitting and look twice under them before sitting. They fear that they will get hurt by sitting as if they are sitting on a sharp, pointed object. OMGKAV2909-67.    Kakorrhaphiaphobia- This is one of the most common phobias. It is the fear of failure. You can find a lot of people out there, who don’t even give a try to things, out of fear of failure. They are afraid of falling down.   OMGKAV2909-7

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