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7 things only a Bollywood movie freak will do

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There are many people out there who literally can die for their favorite Bollywood actors. They are the Bollywood addicts and believe in staying updated with what’s going on in Bollywood. Here are things that only a Bollywood movie freak can relate to:
1.    Bollywood addicts have a habit of comparing the reel life things with the reality they are living in. They unknowingly lead their lives following what they get to watch in their favorite Bollywood flicks.OMGKAV2907-12.    Bollywood movie freaks believe in watching the first day first show of the movies which have their favorite celebs in them. OMGKAV2907-23.    Bollywood movie freaks are always up for a Hindi flick and often spend their weekend on their couch or in a theater watching movies. OMGKAV2907-34.    Bollywood freaks can never feel bored in life. They always have a hub of Bollywood movies stored in their laptop. They can watch the same Bollywood flick again and again with the same excitement.OMGKAV2907-45.    Bollywood freaks believe in imitating their favorite actors/actresses. They follow the same dressing style, hairdo etc. that they watch in Bollywood movies. They stay updated with the latest fashion trends.OMGKAV2907-56.    Bollywood freaks can’t listen to a single thing against Bollywood movies. OMGKAV2907-67.    They buy newspapers only to read the magazine section that comes with them. You can even find posters of their favorite celebs on their room walls not or in their closet.      OMGKAV2907-7

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