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Never Say these 6 things to new mom

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Mothers are adorable. A woman goes through a lot of pain and then becomes a mother. Well, here are 6 things that you should never say to a new mom:
1.    Never say to a new mom that you baby is underweight or overweight. Come on, how can you do that? They have just now delivered a baby and they are very delicate. Every baby has a different size at the time of birth so please keep mum.OMGKAV3102-12.    Never say to a new mom that you had an easy pregnancy. This is because pregnancy is painful no matter a woman gone through normal delivery or a cesarean one. Delivering a baby is not an easy thing to do.OMGKAV3102-23.    Never say to a new mom that your baby doesn’t look like parents. Such a thing can make them feel bad.OMGKAV3102-34.    It is completely wrong to say to a new mom that you have become bulky. This is something not in their hand, at the time of delivery a woman’s body goes through hormonal changes. OMGKAV3102-45.    Don’t point out at her baby saying he is 8 months old and hasn’t started even sitting and make her realize that your baby started sitting well at that time. OMGKAV3102-56.    It seems like you are not getting proper sleep these days. Come on, she has given birth to a little one recently, how can you expect her to be taking a lot of sleep. She has to feed her baby every 2 hours.     OMGKAV3102-6

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