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Things nobody tells you about being married

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Marriage is an important part of life. You must have heard people saying this or that about how marriage is? But, trust me everybody has a different experience in marriage. Here are the things that nobody tells you about being married:
1.    If you are marrying somebody just because you have started feeling lonely in life that you must know that marriage doesn’t complete you. It is only you who can make you feel whole.
2.    Life doesn’t get easy after marriage, rather it gets a lot more complicated. You can no longer lead as ‘I’ and instead you have thing as ‘we’ that is you and your partner.
3.    In marriage there are no assumptions. You can assume something about your partner and just move forward. You have to take opinion of your partner before taking a decision.
4.    In married life you will face situations wherein you will feel like running away from your partner but then you will have to act patiently and calmly. Marriage is not a joke it is a serious matter, part of life.
5.    In married life, there will be misunderstandings between you and your partner but you will have to deal with the matter sensitively. Understanding and trust are must for a smooth marriage
6.    After marriage, both the partners have to put in efforts and work as a team to lead a happy and smooth life.
7.    And yes, with marriage come a lot of responsibilities. You have to take care of your spouse’s family also. You have to manage from food to finance, family to partner, everything.

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