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5 Differences Between A Mother and A Father’s Parenting Style

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There is an incredible difference between a man and a woman’s mindset. When it comes to taking care of kids, a mother and a father has their own ways. Here are some of the differences between a mom’s parenting and a dad parenting style.

1. Mom’s Parenting Style: When a mother is alone with her kid, she kisses her baby and tries to make the baby smile.

Dad’s Parenting Style: A dad’s plays when he is alone with his kid. Nobody could explain what he was actually trying to do to make the toddler smile.OMGVIS0165-1
2. Mom’s Parenting Style: When a mother holds her baby, she makes sure that the kid is comfortable.

Dad’s Parenting Style: A father doesn’t even know how he is handling the kid. He is holding a kid, but his focus will be somewhere else.OMGVIS0165-2
3. Mom’s Parenting Style: Mothers believe in sharing things with her kids. She cooks stuff that she can share with her children.

Dad’s Parenting Style: He doesn’t care what his children like to eat.OMGVIS0165-3
4. Mom’s Parenting Style: Kids are always comfortable with their moms because they know their mothers will take care of them.

Dad’s Parenting Style: You cannot expect from a father to change his child’s nappy.OMGVIS0165-4
5. Mom’s Parenting Style: A mom tries new things so that her children could develop a new skill. She play will blocks so that her child could learn how to correct things.

Dad’s Parenting Style: A kid must be a daredevil to play with a father.

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