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5 Lesser-known inventions from India that you probably don’t know

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There are a number of things that have been invented by Indians. Some inventions are famous, known, while others are not that highlighted ones. Here are some lesser-known inventions from India that you probably don’t know:
1.    Chaturanga (Chess): Chess’s precursor was originated in India at the time of the Gupta dynasty. Indians were ascribed for the origin of the game Chess by both the Persians and Arabs.OMGKAVA0107-12.    Diamonds: These beautiful jewels were first mined in India. Did you know that till 18th century diamonds were only found in India and were later exported to the other parts of the world?BRITAIN/
3.    Cotton Cultivation: In earlier times, the Greeks didn’t even know about the existence of something like cotton, they used to wear animal skins. Those were the Indians, who started cultivation of cotton in the 5th-4th millennium BCE in the Indus Valley Civilization. OMGKAVA0108-34.    Buttons: Buttons play a very important role in our garments. Did you know that they were invented in India? As per the historic evidences it was the people of Indus Valley Civilization who used buttons.OMGKAVA0108-45.    Prefabricated home and movable construction:  The first ever prefabricated home and movable structure was invented during the reign of Akbar in 16th Century Mughal India.   OMGKAVA0108-5

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