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7 Absorbing facts about tea

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Tea has a huge fan following. You can find a lot of tea-addicts out there. There is a tea lover in almost every circle. Here are some absorbing facts about tea:
1.    Lot of people drink tea but not many of them know the fact that intake of large amounts of tea has the tendency to develop prostate cancer.OMGKAVA0106-12.    Burma has its own way of enjoying tea. The place has a unique kind of pickled tea named lephet, which is mandatory at the time of major social occasions.  OMGKAVA0106-23.    There is a very important ingredient present in tea known as theanine, which works against caffeine’s negative effects. This ingredient has a very calming effect on the brain.OMGKAVA0106-34.    Did you know that in ancient times, people used to drink tea as a heath tonic? Though the benefits of green tea are tested and well proved but of other tea are yet to be confirmed. OMGKAVA0106-45.    Japan has legendry tea ceremonies. Tea drink is among a very serious matter there. All the rituals in Japan are followed to the T. Green named as matcha. It is the most preferred form of tea and is offered in the tea houses.OMGKAVA0106-5  6.    Did you know that the ‘Masala chai’ has originated from South Asia? People there also used it as herbal medicine. In Indian and Russia, it is referred to as chai. OMGKAVA0106-67.    Tieguanyin tea is world’s most expensive type of tea. This unusual Chinese tea costs around $1,500/lb.       OMGKAVA0106-7

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