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7 Strange objects banned by governments

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1.    Did you know that French government has banned the use of ketchups in the nation? This is because they feel that people add ketchups to their food to change its taste. As per the authorities, the authenticity of French cuisine was at stake.The first step is to grind the chili in giant mixing machines.2.    In Malaysia, you can’t wear yellow attire, accessories, anything because it is not allowed.  This is because an activist group in 2011 wore yellow as a symbol of their cause regarding lack of election transparency. OMGKAV3107-23.    In Greece, all kinds of computer games, video games are banned since 2002. This initiative was taken to crack down on internet gambling. ????????????????????????????????????4.    In North Korea, you can’t wear blue jeans as its illegal there. Yes, you are reading it right, North Korea government has banned it. This is because authorities feel that it represents American imperialism. OMGKAV3107-45.    In Saudi Arabia, there is no Valentine’s Day as the authorities find it to be in violation of Muslim beliefs. To make it strict, the government has ordered all the gift shops and florists to remove all the red things, the symbols of romance before the holiday.OMGKAV3107-56.    The Canadian government has banned the use and produce of the baby walkers. As per them, this product delays the proper development of the kid and can also cause injuries to the little ones.OMGKAV3107-67.    The Singapore government has banned the use, trade and distribution of chewing gums in 1992. The initiative was taken to keep the nation clean. If you are a tourist then you can’t bring over two packs of chewing gums with you.   OMGKAV3107-7

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