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8 reasons why drama queens lead a bigger, better and bold lives

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You must have seen a lot of girls who believe in showing off every little thing. Some girls act as if life is a mere drama and they are the queens. Here are the reasons why drama queens lead a bigger, better and bold lives:
1.    In their lives the curtains never fall. They always lead the life as if they are the central character and everybody is watching them. Such girls love themselves.OMGKAVA0101-12.    The moment they enter the room everybody can feel their presence. They always enter as a star and never fail at making people go spellbound by their charm and confidence.OMGKAVA0101-23.    Drama queens have inborn acting skills. They are very expressive and know where well how to act to gain attention.OMGKAVA0101-34.    They never give up. Drama queens are bold enough to accept their feelings and in no time make it public. They know how to carry forward a relation smoothly.OMGKAVA0101-45.    They are very active, energetic and have a spark that attracts everybody towards them. They know how to gain fan following.OMGKAVA0101-56.    Drama queens are emotional but they never let emotions befool them. They know how to deal with situations and move on if needed.OMGKAVA0101-67.    Drama queens are no less than fashion fiestas. They love to remain tip top and know the game of manipulation very well. OMGKAVA0101-78.    They are always full of things and ideas to express and they do it very well. Drama queens are very talkative.


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