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8 Struggles every parent knows to be true

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Parenthood is not at all easy. From giving birth to a child to make him a responsible human being, everything demands a lot of efforts, love and care. Here are the struggles every parent knows to be true:
1.    The moment the kids try to eat from every part of their face except mouth. Parents have to wash their face and clothes every there and now.OMGKAVA0103-12.    The moment the little ones cry and don’t keep quiet no matter how hard parents try.OMGKAVA0103-23.    The time when you realize that your children eat even the weirdest thing they find in front of them. They don’t mind eating anything.Young mother feeding adorable baby4.    Those tiring nights when the parents have to stay up the whole night with the kid.OMGKAVA0103-45.    When the children don’t care how they behave in the public and the situation gets quite embarrassing for the parents.OMGKAVA0103-56.    When the children show their creativity and paint on each and everything from walls to the pet dog you have, except a sheet of paper.AAKT0C7.    The moment when they take everything as their toys and start playing with them. From you cell phone to your important documents, they play with all the stuff so well and dirty.OMGKAVA0103-78.    The moment you have given an excuse or have lied, but your children open your poll in front of a lot of people and never realize that they have done something wrong.   OMGKAVA0103-8

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