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90s Kids’ Problems that Today’s Kids Will Never Understand

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Those were the good old days of 90s when evolution of technology was under-construction and smartphones didn’t exist. That time was the most interesting time to grow up. Kids of 90s had the best things like the best toys, the best cartoons and the best games. With that, they had problems too. Here are some of the problems that today’s kids will never understand.

1. Today, it takes just a few minutes to download a song from the Internet; in 90s, it was a big task to download just one song.OMGVIS0167-1
2. Kids today save their favorite songs in their phones and other gadgets. Kids from 90s were used to store songs in CDs. Most irritating moment was when you had tried to burn a CD and it would show ‘not enough space’ message.OMGVIS0167-2
3. Writing an assignment was a difficult task in 90s. You had to go to a library to search an appropriate book to complete your assignment.OMGVIS0167-3
4. Today’s smartphones have QWERTY keys. In 90s, you had to press a key for at least three times to type just one word.OMGVIS0167-4
5. In 90s, painting meant ‘paint brush’ on PCs. They didn’t have Photoshop or Corel Draw.OMGVIS0167-5
6. To find a number, people were used to look through a number of pages on Yellow Pages.     OMGVIS0167-6

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