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Easy things you can do to live a longer, happier life

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One gets life to live, enjoy and not to survive. You should live life to the fullest, make memories, and work hard to fulfill all your dreams. Here are the easy things you can do to live a longer, happier life:
1.    Stay physically active the whole day long. Laziness not only makes your body a couch potato but also makes you sad. If your body is active, you blood circulation is better and you feel fresh and relaxed.
2.    Avoid drinking soda: Intake of soda is not at all healthy for you. It increases the risk of diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and risk of depression.
3.    Drinking tea can protect your heart. Green and black teas have catechins which help prevent heart disease.
4.    You should start thinking positive. It works, say many experts. Optimism drops you in a happy state and you start welcoming good things.
5.    Take proper sleep as insufficient sleep can affect your health badly. Improper sleep affects you focus and make you less productive. If you get proper sleep then the chances are high that you will have a happy day.
6.    Spend time with people who matter in your life. Enjoy life with your family, friends or you might have regrets one day.
7.    Embrace you mistakes and learn from them. Focus on improving yourself as learning is a never ending process.

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