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Reasons you must switch to Green Tea today

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There are a lot of tea lovers out there. Tea is good but green tea is a better option. Here are reasons why you must switch to green tea:
1.    As per studies, intake of green tea regularly can reduce the risk of cancer. Green tea has some polyphenols in it which are strong antioxidants and help in stopping the growth of cancer cells.OMGKAV3106-12.    Green tea is an amazing way of increasing your metabolism and is thus very helpful in losing weight. Green tea helps you in keeping your body in proper shape and figure.OMGKAV3106-23.    Green tea is anti-allergenic and is very beneficial in fighting allergies and infections. OMGKAV3106-34.    You must have heard people saying that carrots are amazing for good eye-sight but now, a lot of studies have mentioned that green tea is also very healthy for your eyes and boosts your eye-sight.SONY DSC5.    If you drink green tea regularly then you have lesser chances of suffering from a heart attack. It has flavonoids, which relaxes blood vessels and leads to smooth and easy flow of blood and thus protects the heart. OMGKAV3106-56.    Green tea also keeps diabetes in check. It can do wonders to a person having diabetes. It helps regulate glucose levels and thus slows down the rise of blood sugar.


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