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Things only people who love to sleep can relate to

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There are a lot of people out there who never miss a chance to take a nap. They won’t mind sleeping while sitting. All they want is a little space to relax. Here are the things that such people can relate to very well:
1.    They have a fixed extra-sleeping time for weekends. They love to sleep on weekends and can’t compromise it for outings, a movie or stuff like that.
2.    There are times when you sleep early at night and don’t wake up till 12pm or so. If you don’t have your office, school, college next day, you usually get up in noon.
3.    You are very particular about your sleep and can’t compromise it for anything. Every day, you want a proper sleeping time.
4.    There are times when you find yourself sleeping in the middle of a movie in the theatre. After all, sleeping is your true love.
5.    You hardly ponder about what people say about sleeping. You give a weird look when somebody says that successful people work till late night and get a sleep of just 3-4 hours.
6.    You hate the countdown time when you know that you are left with just an hour and then you have to wake up and go to work.
7.    You hate people who ring you up after 10 pm and keep your cell on silent. You can’t understand how young dating couples can talk for hours at night.

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