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Things you should never do after having a meal

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There are a number of things, activities we do after a meal but we never notice whether they are healthy for us or not. Here are the things you should never do after having a meal:
1.    Many of you must be in the habit of sleeping immediately after eating a meal but do you know that it is very unhealthy for you. If you do so, the digestive juices from the stomach go up to food pipe leading to heart burns.OMGKAV3108-12.    One must eat fresh fruits as they are very healthy but then eating them after a meal is not at all good for your body. When you eat food after meals they get decomposed in the stomach and don’t reach the intestine and may produce gas.OMGKAV3108-23.    Another common thing people generally do after meals is take bath but this is not healthy for their body. If a person takes bath immediately after meals then his food doesn’t get digested. OMGKAV3108-34.    You should never got for a workout after a meal as your body needs time to digest food before you can do exercise. Such an activity can disrupt your digestive system causing stomachache, vomiting etc.OMGKAV3108-45.    If you drink water before meals than it delays the entry of the nutrients, which are essential for your body.OMGKAV3108-56.    Did you know that if you smoke a cigarette after you dinner it becomes ten times more dangerous than how injurious it really is.      OMGKAV3108-6

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