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Top 5 Hottest Places on the Earth

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Summers are always pleasant after long chilly winters, but there are some places on the earth which are so hot to live for a long time. Here is a list of top five hottest places in the world.

5. Rub’ al Khali: The sand desert located in the Arabian Peninsula is the largest in the world. The place is so hot and dry that until 2013, no individual ever tried to walk through this desert.OMGVIS0168-1
4. Al’Aziziya: The place is situated in Libya and the highest temperature recorded there was about 58 Degree Celsius. Once, the place was recorded as the hottest place on the planet. It is still among the hottest places in the world.OMGVIS0168-2
3. Death Valley: About a century ago, the temperature of Death Valley in the USA was 56 Degree Celsius. In summers, the temperature of the driest place in the USA rises to 47 Degree Celsius.OMGVIS0168-3
2. Flaming Mountains: If you think Al’Aziziya’s 58 Degree Celsius was the highest temperature recorded on the planet then you must think again. China’s Flaming Mountains are extremely hot. As per data by a NASA satellite, the highest temperature recorded in the region was 66.8 Degree Celsius.OMGVIS0168-4
1. Dasht-e Lut: The desert is also known as the Lut Desert. Located in southeastern Kerman Iran, Dasht-e Lut is among the largest deserts in the world and is the hottest places on the earth. Once, the temperature of the desert was 70.7 Degree Celsius.    OMGVIS0168-5

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