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World’s 5 most unusual towns, places

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What makes a city, town unusual is its architecture, monuments, sights, culture, people, etc.  There are some places which look weird and you are forced to think whether they even exist or not. Here are world’s 5 most unusual towns, places:
1.    Coober Pedy- The temperatures in Australia’s Coober Pedy soar into the 90s and 100s in summer. It is very difficult to beat the heat herein. This place is also referred to as the ‘Opal Capital of the World’. Over half of the residents live in dug-out caves on the hillsides.OMGKAVA0105-12.    Roswell, New Mexico- USA’s Roswell is a small town, which is also known as the ‘UFO’ town. This is because the native of this place say that an unidentified flying object landed in the town in the 40s. That time they built this town around this phenomenon. OMGKAVA0105-23.    Lily Dale, New York: USA’s Lily Dale is a place only for the ones who believe that they have a connection with the spirits of other world and can feel it. You can find psychics of all types living at this place.OMGKAVA0105-34.    Salar de Uyuni: Located in Bolivia, it is one of world’s largest mirrors. This is world’s largest salt flat. It is a lake that went dry and has turned into 11,000-sq-km dessert like landscape of shiny white salt.    OMGKAVA0105-45.    Elista Russia: Also known as ‘Chess City’, this place is based on the theme of chess. This is because the designer of this city was obsessed with this game. You can see a huge chessboard in town square.     OMGKAVA0105-5

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