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5 Stupid Financial Decisions Most Young People Make

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Sometimes, young people make worst financial decisions of their life just to fulfill their demands. In the process of impressing others, they forget that they cannot afford their mistakes. Here are some of the dumb financial decisions that many young people make without even considering their consequences:

1.    Buying An Expensive Smartphone: There was a time when people were used to buying cell phones to solve the purpose of calling. Today, cell phones are used to make calls, video calls, text, click pictures, navigation and searching the Internet. Today, young people buy expensive smartphones to get all kinds of services.OMGVIS0302-12.    Buying A Car: Young people purchase things just to impress others. They buy expensive cars even when they have to go their nearby college. They spend a huge amount of money on car’s maintenance. OMGVIS0302-23.    Expensive Sunglasses: Today’s youngsters have a number of sunglasses in their cupboards; still they go to buy a new one. They look for expensive designer sunglass without even considering that they don’t need the new one. OMGVIS0302-34.    Trip Every Weekend: It is good to have break after a long week, but a long tour with friends every weekend is always a foolish decision. You can have an expensive trip once in a month, but every weekend trip is not a good idea. OMGVIS0302-45.    Regular Parties: If you are partying everyday with your friends, then you are wasting your hard-earned money.       OMGVIS0302-5

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