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6 guilty thoughts that keep you with someone who doesn’t deserve you

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There are many times in life when we get stuck in a relationship and get confused. You don’t understand how to deal with the situation and end up staying in the relation, no matter how you feel in it. Here are some guilty thoughts that keep you with someone who doesn’t deserve you:
1.    You were once deeply, madly in love with that person and now you have realized and come to know about the flaws of your lover. You want to leave but all those memories of good time spent together keep you from leaving.OMGKAV0305-12.    You have a past with that person. You guys had intimate moments and you can’t just move on from the relation after opening up with somebody so much. OMGKAV0305-23.    You are afraid of the fact that will you be able to find somebody else again or will be left alone? This thought keeps you stuck in the present relationship.OMGKAV0305-34.    You have accepted the reality and feel that this is what you deserve in life. You face the tantrums of your partner just because you think this is what God wants in your life to happen.OMGKAV0305-45.    No matter how rude your partner is, it is his lifestyle that attracts you. You are ready to suffer in order to be able to enjoy a lavish life.OMGKAV0305-56.    You have told about your boyfriend to your family and they have agreed with very difficulty and now you don’t want to disrespect yourself by telling them that you had made a wrong choice. It is your ego that is keeping you from moving away.      OMGKAV0305-6

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