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6 Mental breakdowns every woman has each month

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Girls have a lot of mood swings and you can’t make out what a girl is feeling at any given moment. In a month, most of the girls go through various mental breakdowns, here are some of them:
1.    The moment when a girl realizes that she has gained weight and don’t know why. When they see other girls with toned body they suffer from stay-in-figure breakdown. They get irritated and start planning a workout. OMGKAV0309-12.    The moment when a girl realizes that it’s been so long working in the same company, without any growth. This is the time when they face career path breakdown. They are baffled about what they should do know. Businesswoman with headache3.    This is a breakdown a marriageable aged girl suffer from when realizes that everybody around is getting married. They feel stressed out and negativity surrounds them.OMGKAV0309-34.    And this is something every tired woman suffers from, emotional breakdown. When a woman feels stressed out, she starts feeling as if nobody loves her, cares about her and goes into that dark, sad zone. OMGKAV0309-45.    Women suffer this kitchen work breakdown when they get fed up of cooking every day. They want to take rest and want someone to come and cook for her. OMGKAV0309-56.    When you are stressed out, everything starts annoying you. Traffic breakdown is one of such things. When they are sad, angry, you can see them cribbing, crying because they are stuck in traffic jam for hours.   OMGKAV0309-6

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