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6 Things you miss about college

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College life is one of the most exciting phases of life. Once the college life is over, you realize the value of that time and get to know about how you were making priceless memories during college time:
1.    Once college life is over you realize the free time you used to get during your college days. You miss those times when you used to roam for hours with your buddies, chit-chat and watch back to back episodes.OMGKAV0304-12.    During college days it was okay to be poor as all around you were in the same boat. Nobody is working at that time and all get pocket-money from parents. OMGKAV0304-23.    College days are awesome as you get free by afternoon and get to relax and have afternoon naps. Once college life is over, you miss those priceless sweet afternoon naps.CSUN student napping between class in front of the Oviatt Library. Photo credit by Ivanna Valdivia4.    College students get discounts at many food joints, in buses, theaters, etc. They need to spend less to enjoy life but once they pass out they no longer given discounts. They miss those old good days. OMGKAV0304-45.    In college life, you get to enjoy summer holidays but such a thing doesn’t exist at all once your college life is over. When you do job you get to understand the real value of holidays. OMGKAV0304-56.    In most of the colleges you can dress up casually, the way you want, the outfits you are comfortable in but once you start working you have to follow some dress codes. At that time you miss the college freedom of dressing up in your own style.    OMGKAV0304-6

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