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6 ways to deal with college ragging

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Although ragging is banned in colleges, yet there are a lot of institutions wherein senior students rag the newly admitted ones. A lot of students get afraid of ragging when they have to enter into their college life. Here are the ways to deal with college ragging:
1.    First and the most important thing is weaker ones are targeted the most. So, stay confident and move attentively.
2.    Don’t assume unnecessarily. There is no need of it. When your seniors call you, don’t panic as you never know they might just want to break the ice, need your introduction.
3.    Don’t try to be a hero and save somebody who is getting ragged on the first day of college. Such a thing will only drop you in a problem. Stay calm, don’t over-react.
4.     Stay united. Move in groups, avoid roaming alone. When you are with your new friends there are lesser chances for you to become a target. So, play safe.
5.    Even if a senior talks to you rudely, answer him in a polite way. Don’t get rude or cry. Take things lightly and don’t argue with them.
6.    In case your seniors literally torture you then don’t shy to discuss the matter with your parents. No matter what other students say, open up with your friends about it.

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