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7 Differences Which Prove That The World Has Changed For The Worst

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Time has changed as the world is constantly evolving. Think about the time when you were a kid, and then compare that time with today’s time. You will find a huge difference. Here are some of those differences:

1. There was a time when your television was heavier and bigger than today’s TVs. That time, we were used to watch television for just one hour as there was only one channel to entertain. Now, after about a decade, there are so many channels that you can watch them 24×7.OMGVIS0169-1
2. In 90s, a child was used to receive scolding from parents for getting poor marks in exams, but today, they shout at the kid’s teacher.OMGVIS0169-2
3. In 90s, happy moments were those when you had received a letter. Today, you have thousands of unread emails.Woman Reading letter
4. People were used to enjoy their holiday in 90s. Today, holiday means clicking pictures and posting them on social media.OMGVIS0169-4
5. Kids from 90s played football, cricket and many other games on real playgrounds. Today’s kids play such games on smartphones and other gadgets.OMGVIS0169-5
6. Phones in 90s were used for calling purposes. Today’s phones can be used to call, listen to songs, read newspapers, chatting, gaming, video calling, taking pictures and so on.
7. In 90s, social life meant meeting friends in public. Today, people have social life on social media.OMGVIS0169-7

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