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7 Lies you tell your mom

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Mothers always remain very concerned about their children, no matter how old they are. For them, they always remain her little children. Children often tell lies to their parents to keep their mothers tension free. Here are some of the most common lies:
1.    Mothers are very particular about your meals schedule and at times you tell your mom a lie that you have been taking proper three meals a day. OMGKAV0308-12.    To avoid arguments you tell your mother a lie that you have been taking proper sleep. When in reality you spend half of your night time watching your favorite television series.OMGKAV0308-23.    If you are staying away from home and get ill you avoid telling about it to your mom. You don’t want her to get tensed or worried about you.OMGKAV0308-34.    If you drink or smoke, you never tell your mother about it. You always lie about it because you know very well that she will scold you and you will have to face a lot of drama so you avoid telling her about your habits.OMGKAV0308-45.    When your mother asks you that do you have a girlfriend? You are like, no mom I am single. You don’t want to complicate your life by telling her about your girlfriend.OMGKAV0308-56.    You never tell the right reason behind coming late from school. You are always up with variety of excuses. OMGKAV0308-67.    You must have lied to your mom about your health to miss your school, college or tuition for a day.       OMGKAV0308-7

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