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7 Promises a Man Should Make To His Future Wife

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Marriage is an occasion where two imperfect individuals learn how to enjoy their differences. To make the relationship stronger, both the individuals are required to be committed. After a marriage, a girl leaves her parents’ place and starts living with her soul mate and his family. It becomes a guy’s responsibility to keep her happy. So guys, here are the promises you should make to a girl who is going to be your future wife.

1. There will be a number of happy and rough moments in life after marriage. A guy should make promise to stick by his wife through both happy and tough times.

2. I will be the same person always. A number of men around the globe take their wives for granted after tying the knot. A real man promises his wife to always value her.

3. I promise to listen to you and solve all your problems instead of ignoring them.

4. If someone says something wrong about you, I will always take stand for you.

5. I may have a list of tasks to do, but you will always be my priority. I will think about you always and your happiness will come first for me.

6. You are my responsibility and I will always try to protect you.

7. I will always appreciate your efforts. Every day, I will try to be a better husband.

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