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7 signs you are your own boss

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You must have seen a lot of people around you who lead life in their own way and hardly bother about what others say. They are their own boss. Here are the signs that show you are your own boss:
1.    You avoid the ones who always complain and spend most of the time bitching about other people.OMGKAV0301-12.    The workload on you doesn’t make you nervous or give you goose bumps, instead it motivates to work harder and achieve your goals. You love to meet your deadlines and stress plays the role of the spark that drives you closer to your goal.OMGKAV0301-23.    You are a good listener but it doesn’t mean you go by what others say. You welcome suggestions but always do what you think is the right thing.OMGKAV0301-34.    Your dressing sense is based on your comfort. You wear clothes in which you feel at ease. You never wear a particular attire just to impress somebody.PD*185726865.    Giving up is not your cup of tea. You believe in standing strong, face the situation and overcome it.OMGKAV0301-56.    You are very passionate for your career goals. No matter you are a singer or a bank manager, you are very dedicated towards your work and goals.OMGKAV0301-67.    No matter what people say, you don’t hesitate to speak out your mind. You can spoon-feed anybody and at the same time know the value of remaining silent at times.     OMGKAV0301-7

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