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7 Things that happen when you decide to stop drinking

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If you are in a habit of drinking then it is very tough for you to stop drinking. You have to stay disciplined and fight with yourself, your inner demand for alcohol. Here are the things that happen when you decide to stop drinking:
1.    You suddenly lose your social life as all your buddies drink and you don’t anymore. You don’t get a chance to go out with them as almost all their plans include drinking.
2.    Once you stop drinking you feel as if time has slowed down and you seem to have a lot more of it. Now, you get plenty of time to do stuff and spend time with your family.
3.    When you stop drinking you get to know about your true buddies. There are many friends who are just your drinking partners and nothing more, and once you stop drinking that friendship bond goes missing.
4.    You realize that in some way everything revolves around drinking. You get to know about things that were getting affected by your drinking habit.
5.    You save money and now you have plenty of money with you as you no more drown it lavishly for your drink.
6.    When a person drinks it becomes very difficult for him to get up early in the morning and moreover he has to suffer from hangover. Once you stop drinking, you can become an early riser.
7.    You become great at life. You explore new things and get to know about your hidden talents and hobbies.

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