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7 Unique and new reasons to break up with somebody

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There are number of people out there who are dating and also are the ones who have broken up. Different couples have different reasons behind their break ups. Here are some of the most unique and new reasons to break up with somebody:
1.    You are trying but it’s just not happening. No matter how much you care, the moment you face each other, your ego pops up and you guys start fighting for absolutely no reason at all.
2.    Both of you are dog lovers and your dogs don’t get along. You can’t make your pooch feel bad or become sad. So, you want to be by your pooch’s side.
3.    You need to know about the purpose for which you are being sent on this planet Earth and then only can get into a relationship.
4.    You are not able to give adequate time to your relation and the same fact is killing you inside. So, you want to stay single till you get ample time for somebody else in your life.
5.    You don’t like your partner’s friends and can’t spend a single minute with them. But, all your hangouts with your partner include them, which you just can’t handle. So, its break up time from your side.
6.    Your partner doesn’t make you feel special the way he used to do earlier. You feel some kind of change in your relationship and can’t bear it anymore.
7.    Your girlfriend has a guy friend which you were used to tolerate but now can’t handle it anymore. So, you want to break up as you can’t see your girl with any other guy.

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