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8 Reasons Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam Will Continue Inspiring Youth

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He was the 11th President of India. APJ Abdul Kalam, known as missile man of India, died July 27, 2015 while delivering a lecture at IIM Shillong. His life has inspired many people and will continue to inspire many others even after death. Why? Here are the reasons:
1.    He was from a very poor family. To support his family, Kalam used to distribute newspapers when he was in school.OMGVIS0301-12.    He always advised people to work hard. He was known for his hard work. He loved solving mathematics problems. He was not the brightest student of his class, but still he was the favorite of his teachers due to his bright mind. OMGVIS0301-23.    Kalam was the most perfect symbol of the ideal Indian citizen. He was always people’s president.OMGVIS0301-34.    He was from a poor family, but still he didn’t give up on his studies. In 1954, he graduated in Physics. OMGVIS0301-45.    For him, nation came first. In his entire life, he just took two holidays and that too on the death of his mother and father. OMGVIS0301-56.    He always stayed close to students and encouraged them to pursue their dreams at any cost. OMGVIS0301-67.    He was the master of many inspirational quotes. His quotes were both inspirational and energetic.OMGVIS0301-78.    Kalam also tasted failures. He wanted to become a pilot, but couldn’t; still he didn’t give up and continue doing hard work.       OMGVIS0301-8

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