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Myths about Domestic Violence

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When it comes to domestic violence, different people have different things to say about the issue. People have different definitions of domestic violence and most of them nothing more than myths:
1.    This is just a myth that alcohol and drugs make men violent as there are many men who are violent when they are temperate.Domestic violence 19952.    It us generally said that domestic violence happen in poor homes mostly but this is nothing more than a myth. There are a lot of rich, high class families in which domestic violence is an issue. OMGKAV0302-23.    Some people ignore this issue no matter how severe it is just because they think that it is a matter between husband and wife. This is not right. Did you know that 40% to 60% men who abuse women also abuse children?OMGKAV0302-34.    Many people think that it is the right of men to discipline their partners for misbehaving but this is just a myth. How can one decide that it is not the men who need to be disciplined, moreover women and children are not considered property of men anymore.A young couple arguing at the breakfast table5.    When it comes to domestic violence, it is thought that it is the man who has abused but that’s not the case always. Men are also victims of domestic violence. As per some studies, for every 47 women who are abused, there are around 32 men who undergo similar agony.


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