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5 Childhood Games That Nobody Plays Anymore

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You may have played a number of outdoor games when you were child. You know how exciting they were. Today’s kids will never understand the joy of playing those awesome games. Today, most kids play games on their trendy gadgets. Here are some of the games from our childhood that nobody plays anymore:
1.    Hide N’ Seek: The popular game was the favorite of a number of children from 80s and 90s. The game was played in the area where lots of space was available to hide. male and female children playing hide and seek
2.    Hopscotch: The game was the favorite of a number of girls two decades ago. They loved to spend hours playing the game. They made many squares to play the game. During the game, the first player throws the marker into the first square and them moves.OMGVIS0303-23.    Chase: The game was played by many kids by running around. A kid was used to spend a few minutes to chase other kids. OMGVIS0303-34.    Kho-Kho: The tag sport was played between a team of twelve, but children played the game even when they were less in numbers. In the game, two players run and the third one tries to touch one of them.OMGVIS0303-45.    Name Place Animal Thing: The paper-pencil game was for intelligent kids. They were used to playing the game when they couldn’t go out of their houses.OMGVIS0303-5


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