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5 signs that a girl is just using you

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These days a lot of relations lack trust. You can’t make out whether the other person is cheating on you or is loyal. If you are dating a girl, here are the signs that the girl is just using you and is not at all serious for you:
1.    Every now and then she demands space that too, a lot of space. In case she treats you as a boy friend some days and then as a stranger in the next few days then you once must think about your relationship status.
2.    If your girlfriend is very private with her relation with you than you must ask her for the reason behind it. There are chances that she might just using you.
3.    If your girlfriend demands a lot of gifts and never spends time alone with you then there is something fishy going on in her mind. There are chances that she is interested in your money, lifestyle, not you. And might ditch you.
4.    In case you girlfriend keeps on telling you about all her issues, gossips and when it comes to listening to your office things, the rough phase you are going through, she gives a cold ear then you must look at your relation once again. May be she might need only a person to cry.
5.    In case you have a girl in your life who is always ready to be an escapegoat when you need her in your difficult time, then you first know her intentions.

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