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6 Things That Unite Indians

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Several people around the globe have misconception that Indians are arrogant people who choose a corrupt government every time. They don’t know there are lots of things that unite Indians. Here are some of those things:

1. Sports: A cricket match is a perfect recipe that unites people of the country. Players from different religions play together for their country and make everyone proud.OMG-VIS0155-1
2. Festivals: When it comes to festivals, no one can give competition to India. Festivals like Diwali, Eid, Holi and many more are celebrated by every Indian. Festivals are some things that are connected to roots of every Indian.OMG-VIS0155-2
3. Constitution: Indian constitution is among the things that unite the people of the country. There are same set of laws for every Indian. They don’t change according to caste or religion.OMG-VIS0155-3
4. Food: Indians are the real foodies and Indian dishes are famous around the world. Where you go, one thing that unites all Indians is food.OMG-VIS0155-4
5. Dance and Music: India is a land of artistes. There are number of shows that are based on dance and music. Festivals are incomplete without dance or music in India.OMG-VIS0155-5
6. Bollywood: In India, you will find a number of Hindu people who love Shahrukh Khan. On the other side, there are many Muslims too who love Akshay Kumar. Bollywood plays a huge role in uniting Indians.     OMG-VIS0155-6

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