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7 Strange Truths That Exist Only in India

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India is the populous democracy in the world. It has many old mythological stories to tell the world. No doubt India is a great country, but it is also a nation of contradictions. Here are some of strange things that happen only in India.

1. The country has many religions. Indian people are usually seen in temples praying to a Goddess to bless them with a son.OMG-VIS0178-1
2. Indian parents want their children to be unique. They want children to stand apart from the crowd but also want them to always be in the crowd.
3. Kama Sutra has been considered as an ancient Indian Hindu text, but sex is considered a bad thing before marriage.OMG-VIS0178-3
4. You are not allowed to kiss someone in the public as it is considered as sin, but you can freely piss in public.OMG-VIS0178-4
5. The phrase ‘What people will think about me’ is a killer of many dreams. Many people don’t pursue what they want just because they are not sure if people will accept them or not.OMG-VIS0178-5
6. Reel heroes are more famous that real heroes. Celebrities are more popular than soldiers and sportspersons.OMG-VIS0178-6
7. You are not allowed to talk to strangers, but you can marry a stranger.

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