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7 Things every girl with a messy room can relate to

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There are a lot of girls who just throw the stuff on the bed and hardly bother about placing them at their place. They have a messy room with a lot of things lying around. Here are the things that every girl with a messy room can relate to:
1.    When your friends visit your room you can’t even offer them the chair to sit as it is already occupied with your clothes, belts etc.OMGKAV0402-12.    You can’t make out which clothes are clean and which are yet to wash as you dump all you clothes at the same place.OMGKAV0402-23.    It is very hard for you to find a particular shirt, or a belt etc as your room looks like a dumping zone and it is very hard for you to remember where actually you had placed your that shirt.OMGKAV0402-34.    You don’t mind sleeping with stuff lying on your bed, as you have become used to it. Your double bed is occupied more than half by you books, laptop, clothes, chocolate etc.OMGKAV0402-45.    You don’t let your mother in your room because you know the moment she will enter you will be scolded and given a long lecture. OMGKAV0402-56.    When you ask your mom to go out for a party she tells you to clean the room first and then only you can go.Girl Shrugging in Messy Bedroom7.    No matter what others say about your room, you love it. The shabbiness of your room gives you a feeling of freedom to live in your own way.


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