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8 Crazy things you must do at least once in your lifetime

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You get only one life to live, so instead of just surviving, you must live it to the fullest. You should enjoy every moment of your life. Seriousness is so boring, so you must act like an insane at times. Here are some crazy things that you must do at least once in your lifetime:
1.    Spend a night alone out in the jungle, cook for yourself and sleep under the stars. This can prove to be one of the most adventurous, scary and craziest nights of your life.OMGKAV0406-12.    If you know swimming, jump into the river from a cliff. This sounds crazy but can be so much fun. But yes, do take precautions first.OMGKAV0406-23.    Every place has its own language. So, why not bring some excitement in your life by learning a different language and bluff.OMGKAV0406-34.    Skydiving is one of the most adventurous sports. You must try this at least once in your life.OMGKAV0406-45.    In today’s fast-paced world, it has become very difficult to survive without mobile, laptop, and stuff like that. Do something different, disconnect from everybody for a week and enjoy solitude.OMGKAV0406-5
6.    This can be challenging and crazy. Stay awake for 24 hours, try to keep yourself busy into some funny activity to let sleep go.OMGKAV0406-67.    Mud fight might sound dirty but this is so freaking awesome. You must try this with your friends at least once in your life.????????????????????????????????????8.    We always drive to reach a destination but have you ever wondered what will happen if you would go on an aimless drive? Try it and you will get to see the real beauty of life, which go missing in the daily routines of our life.


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