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8 Facts About Junk Foods You Probably Don’t Know

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Today, junk food has gone global. A number of people around the globe love to consume junk foods. There are many restaurants around the globe which offer various types of junk foods. Here are some surprising facts about junk food.

1. Almost every child in the US consumes junk food at McDonald’s at least once every month.OMG-VIS0176-1
2. Consuming junk food in huge amount has been linked to rapidly increasing health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers.OMG-VIS0176-2
3. According to a survey, a single can of Coca Cola has up to ten teaspoons of sugar.OMG-VIS0176-3
4. The junk food and beverage industry invests about $2 billion every year to advertize its products to children.OMG-VIS0176-4
5. Due to citric acid in it, a Coca Cola product can be used in cleaning purpose.OMG-VIS0176-8
6. Young ladies who consume junk foods are at high risk of developing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
7. According to a research, female cockroaches that eat junk food are fatter than their counterparts that don’t eat junk food.OMG-VIS0176-6
8. An average person in the US consumes more than 500 cans of soft drink per year.       OMG-VIS0176-7

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