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India’s 7 most stylish politicians

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Here are some of the most stylist Indian politicians:
1.    Narendra Modi- Undoubtedly, this man is one of the most stylish, well-dressed Indian politicians. People have even started following his half-sleeve kurta fashion.OMGKAV0408-12.    Priyanka Gandhi Vadra- When it comes to politicians with different, good dressing sense, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra comes among the most stylist ones. She has a lot of personal charisma. She does everything gracefully.OMGKAV0408-23.    Shashi Tharoor- This Indian political will strike in your mind the moment you will think about style and politicians. He has a very elegant dressing style. He knows how to carry attitude.PTI2_23_2015_000079B4.    Sachin Pilot- This energetic politician is among the youth icons India has. He has his own dressing style which suits him very much. He is well known for his classic dress sense and gives his charismatic touch to even the most simple looking attire.OMGKAV0408-45.    Brinda Karat- This lady is classy. She is the first ever lady member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Politburo for West Bengal. She carries a confident look and style.OMGKAV0408-56.    Omar Abullah- You can’t miss to mention the name of Omar Abdullah when it comes to the well-dressed Indian politicians. He generally wears pathan suits, jeans and kurtas pajamas and carry them effortlessly.OMGKAV0408-67.    Priya Dutt- This lady is a fashionable politician and her dressing sense is flawless. She carries herself very confidently. She is simple and gives positive vibes, and is assertive.OMGKAV0408-7

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