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Signs you are a ‘Dil-Phenk’ type of person

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Some people have a different kind of charm that easily makes other people attracted towards them. A lot of people are jealous of them. Some call them flirts, while others call them fake, but the reality is they never fail in making people fall for them. Here are the signs you are a dil-phenk type of person:
1.    You have a lot of friends with a number of friend circles. People are always up to hang out with you. You have more than 1000 friends in your Facebook list along with a lot of pending requests.
2.    Many people come to you with their problems, seeking solutions. You personality attracts them and makes them comfortable.
3.    You can easily make a girl fall for you. You have such a kind of charm by birth that nobody can say you no.
4.    No matter how you look or act, you are very emotional person at heart. Even a senti scene in the movie can make tears stream down your face. You get overemotional both in the happy times and sad times.
5.    The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. May be that is why everybody fall for you.
6.    All you want is to make everybody happy. You can do anything to bring a smile on the face of the other person.
7.    You easily agree with others. Convincing you for something is not a hard task.
8.    May be that is why, you are often called ‘the cool dude’ and are the well known personality of your area.
9.    People often misjudge you as a big time flirt but then, you don’t bother because you know you are good at heart and never hurt anybody.

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