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Things you can relate to if you just can’t handle horror movies

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Many people can’t watch scary flicks, serials and when they are made to watch such things their expressions and actions are a combination of weird and funny. Here are the things you can relate to if you can’t handle horror movies:
1.    Darkness is the scariest thing in your life. You can’t survive the darkness. Even in the night you keep a zero watt bulb on in your room.OMGKAV0403-12.    You can’t sleep after watching a scary flick. You mind remains in trauma even after the movie is over and can’t let you rest.OMGKAV0403-23.    Your friends make fun of you just because you can’t handle scary movies. They get double entertainment they enjoy both the movie and your expressions.OMGKAV0403-34.    You start shivering when a scary scene comes in front of your eyes. Even the thought of ghosts makes you feel feverish.OMGKAV0403-4
5.    You just can’t stay alone. The moment you are alone, you start feeling as if somebody, who is invisible, is present in your room. OMGKAV0403-5
6.    If you want to pee at night and have to go to the washroom, it is a very big struggle for you. You want somebody to company you and stand outside the washroom at night. You just can’t handle the thought of scary creatures. terrified woman closeup, studio dark background7.    Horror movie is never a part of your plans and it is always your friends who force you to watch such movies.   OMGKAV0403-7

terrified woman closeup, studio dark background


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