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Top 6 Weirdest fitness tips anyone can follow

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These days all have become fitness freaks. Everybody wants to have toned body, good figure. Here are some of the weirdest fitness tips that anyone can follow:
1.    You must have seen people reading out motivating quotes loudly or listening to the songs while doing workout. This is because such things work and boost your energy, motivating you to do more and more.OMGKAV0405-12.    This is true that walking on the grass barefoot is far better than with shoes. As per a lot of studies when you work out without shoes it is more effective. Womans feet walking away on grass

3.    Water intake is must but you should measure the amount of water you are drinking in a day. Both less and more than enough water can harm you. OMGKAV0405-3

4.    You should drink caffeine as it reduces muscle fatigue and pain, as a result of which it increases the time of your workout. OMGKAV0405-4

5.    Try to keep yourself cool. Once you start feeling the heat in your body and sweat you think you are shedding weight but that is not the reality. OMGKAV0405-5
6.    While working out keep your hands cold it helps you do longer workouts and helps you in getting rid of hot body temperature.OMGKAV0405-6


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