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5 Blunt reasons why ragging in colleges is a legal offence

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Ragging is no less than a crime. There are a lot of students who get into depression and commit suicide every year due to ragging. Here are some blunt reasons for why ragging in colleges is a legal offence:
1.    When a person faces ragging he goes under depression. In most of the cases of ragging the victim remains in psychological trauma for long even after the incident. He loses interest in life and sees downfall in life.OMGKAV0509-12.    College time is the crucial time of life and when somebody faces ragging, it has a bad effect on his mindset. All this leads to a violent mindset and he further starts treating his juniors badly just because of the unjustified harassment through which he had gone once.OMGKAV0509-23.    Sometimes ragging is done at such extreme levels that the child often takes worse step in life and commits suicide to save him from such an act again.OMGKAV0509-34.    Forceful beginning to the world of alcoholism and drugs. In ragging, the students are often told to drink alcohol, smoke, introduced to drugs and are made addicted to all this injurious stuff. Many students ruin their life under the impact of drugs.OMGKAV0509-45.    Ragging has such a deep impact on the mind of a school pass-out that he often becomes college dropout and leaves. There are many students who leave their studies in between just because of ragging.    OMGKAV0509-5

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