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5 Kinds of people who don’t think twice before dumping somebody

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There are a lot of people out there for whom relationships hardly matter. All that matters to them are their needs, goals, and self. Here are kind of people who don’t think twice before dumping somebody:
1.    Rich people: The ones who have a lot of money in their pockets hardly think before dumping somebody. They know that as long as they have money, they have people around. So, they hardly bother about who is leaving.OMGKAV0506-1
2.    Selfish ones: These people have only one motto and that is to satisfy them. They act friendly, befriend others, take advantage of them and leave them when they are of no use for them any longer.726652243.    Extremely beautiful/handsome people: The ones who are very beautiful, handsome know it very well that there are a lot of people who are after them, spell-bound by their charm. They take the advantage of this fact and don’t think before dumping anybody.OMGKAV0506-34.    Flirty people: These kinds of people know what they want in life and for passing time they flirt with people. They don’t get attached with any of the people they flirt with and thus it is very easy for them to dump them.OMGKAV0506-45.    Proud people: Some people are so proud of themselves, no matter they have ‘something to be proud of’ in them or not. Such people live in their own world and think that people die to be with them. They dump people easily.


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