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5 Management lessons you can learn from your Kaam Waali Bai

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In India, Kaam Waali Bai is very important for people. They can’t afford to manage a day when their Kaam Waali Bai is absent. Here are some of the management lessons you can learn from your Kaam Waali Bai:
1.    You can learn from them the way to speak, get a soft corner in the heart of the man of the house and at the same time without making the woman feel offended about it. They know how to tackle different people. You can save yourself from office politics by learning this.OMGKAV0505-12.    You can learn the perfect tactics to negotiate the best deal by your Kaam Waali Bai. No matter they are talking about their salary or the amount of work they do, they know exactly how to convince the owner.  OMGKAV0505-23.    They can teach you the way to follow your own rules and still deliver the best. You must have seen your Kaam Waali Bai doing work, they never do it as you say but always satisfy the level of cleanliness you want.OMGKAV0505-34.    You can learn from them how to ask for the needed resources from the boss. Kaam Waali Bais demand the best broom, soap etc. for work as they directly say that for satisfaction quality product is must.OMGKAV0505-45.    What you need is to be the asset for your job so that you become vital for them and they can’t even think of replacing you. You can learn the way to achieve this by your Kaam Waali Bai. She deals with you in a way that you can’t manage on a day she is off.    OMGKAV0505-5

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