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5 Things That Set Girls Getting Drunk Apart From Guys Getting Drunk

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Getting drunk is an amazing feeling when you know you are totally under control. Once you start drinking, you forget to count and get high. There is a huge difference between a boy getting drunk and a girl getting drunk. Here are some of the differences:

1. Guys believe in keeping patience when it comes about getting high. Guys cherish their drinks while girls get high as soon as possible. Girls keep on drinking until they get high and start behaving weird.OMGVIS0202-1
2. Both boys and girls start telling their friends that how much they love them; the thing that differentiates them is the type of conversation girls and boys have after getting high. Boys tell their friends that they are friends forever, while girls start bitching about other girls.OMGVIS0202-2
3. After getting drunk, boys start discussing their future plans, while girls start discussing their past life.OMGVIS0202-3
4. Both boys and girls love to dance after getting high. Girls show their professional moves, while boys become amateur dancers.OMGVIS0202-4
5. Most of the girls after getting high start making promise that they are not going to drink again, while boys make promise to get high every weekend.    OMGVIS0202-5

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